Connect the Dots: Responding to the Tough Questions in Word, Story and Deed

What’s the toughest question about or objection to the Christian faith you’ve been faced with? Perhaps it concerned God and science; or the problem of evil; or gender and sexuality; or violence and the Old Testament. Questions like these can be challenging and intimidating—but at the same time, they can present incredible opportunities if we can learn to connect our answers to the gospel.

But because the gospel is more than just words, good apologetics needs to engage the heart and the imagination as well as the head if we are going to reach the questioner behind the question. We also need to learn to get inside the lives of those with whom we share Christ, to learn what makes them tick and then show how the Christian faith explains those things they care deeply about—justice and compassion, beauty and art, science and truth—in a way that other worldviews do not.

RZIM Canada’s 2016 Summer School, taking place in beautiful British Columbia, will help you learn to tackle the big questions—but do so in a way that addresses the whole person. We’ll show how the best answers are intellectually rich, imaginatively powerful, and make a practical difference in the real world.

Canadian culture is undergoing seismic shifts and that can sometimes be unnerving. But 2,000 years ago, the apostle Paul, writing to Christians who were also struggling to engage their culture and share their faith, encouraged his readers to “Let your speech be always gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person” (Col 4:6). I warmly invite you to join members of the RZIM speaking team and other world-class speakers next summer who want to help you to do that more effectively, so that you can be better equipped not just to answer questions but to answer people.

Andy BannisterI hope to see you there.

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Andy Bannister

RZIM Summer School 2016

Trinity Western University
Langley, BC
July 10 – July 15, 2016

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About the area: Fort Langley

Situated on the banks of the Fraser River and intersected by the historic Canadian Railway, Fort Langley is a must visit community for locals and tourists alike. Established in 1827 as a fur trading post by the Hudson’s Bay Company, the original fort quickly became a thriving trading hub, moving such quintessential West Coast goods as Salmon and Cedar. Originally built as a fort to protect the Hudson’s Bay Company’s interests from the steady advance of the Americans towards the 49th Parallel, Fort Langley has become a thriving, historically rich community.

The modern town of Fort Langley, just a five-minute drive from Trinity Western University, is a hub of small shops and pleasant sights. Whether one is on the hunt for a unique antique or the perfect cup of coffee, a meal to satisfy or a beautiful, local handmade gift, this little town has it all. Fort Langley is home to a wide variety of coffee shops and restaurants, as well as boutique and antique shops. Fort Langley is a truly amazing little community, with a stunning variety of stores in such a small footprint.

Alongside wonderful food and unique wares, Fort Langley also plays host to great views, wonderful walking, and some fantastic history. Many enjoy the Fort to Fort hike, an easy, meandering trail following the mighty Fraser River from the Fort Langley National Historic Site—a reproduction of the original fort in town—to the original fort location in the heart of Derby Reach Regional Park. A visit to the Fort Langley National Historic Site and the nearby Langley Centennial and B.C. Farm Museums are a wonderful way to experience the deep history of both Fort Langley and the Pacific Northwest. Fort Langley is truly a must see part of Langley, and cannot be missed during your stay at Trinity Western University for the 2016 RZIM Summer School.

Tyndale University College & Seminary

3377 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, Ontario, M2M 3S4


This was one of the best educational and spiritual experiences of my life. It was an intersection of learning, spiritual growth and community. I not only grew in my ability to answer tough questions, but made some great friends and learned a lot about what lies at the heart of the RZIM team. What a great resource for those who want to share faith in Christ. Thanks for all and to all that went into making it happen.



As a full-time student, the last thing my soul needed was another barrage of theories and ideas. I discovered something completely different, an environment fueled by God’s presence. The scholarship was indeed sound, but the speakers and staff encouraged me with something much more powerful; lives reverberating with Christ’s Spirit.




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The RZIM Summer School truly impacted my life and gave me a huge revelation regarding my vocation. As a second year student studying a Masters of Theology in Development, I have to say training like this is desperately needed for my generation. Sometimes it takes events, like the RZIM Summer School, to realize that God has called you to do great things for His kingdom. I thank God for the opportunity to attend the 2015 RZIM Summer School, and I look forward to applying to the OCCA program in 2017.