Week at a Glance:

The 2016 RZIM Canada Summer School is designed to help you engage with some of the tough questions and challenges to the Christian faith and teach you how to respond in ways that engage the head, heart and imagination. Summer School is open to people of all ages, experiences, backgrounds and abilities—wherever you’re at, there will be something to stretch, encourage, equip, challenge and empower you to share Christ with friends, family and colleagues.

An introductory talk by Andy Bannister sets the scene for a week of amazing teaching. Each morning begins with worship followed by a Bible study led by Stuart McAllister or Margaret Manning, looking at what we can learn about apologetics from some of the conversations Jesus had with skeptics, seekers, and doubters in the gospels. The day continues with a lecture taking a key belief from the historic creeds of the church, looking at contemporary challenges to it and how to respond. Before lunch, there’s another talk designed to equip you with tools you can use in conversations about Christ with your friends.

After lunch, there are four breakouts to choose from and a wide variety of topics ensure there’s something for everybody. From science to sexuality, miracles to meaning, prayer to pluralism, each breakout will go deep into its topic whilst also allowing plenty of time for questions and discussion.

In the late afternoon, there’s a lecture devoted to exploring some case studies of how the Christian faith can engage in the world of work, politics, the academy and education—designed to encourage and equip you, but also to allow speakers to share more of their personal stories of how they’ve put apologetics into action.

After dinner each day, we have a combination of exciting keynote lectures—including a special address by Ravi Zacharias. For the first time, this year’s Summer School includes an Arts Showcase: we often underplay the importance of music, picture and story in reaching people through their imaginations—things master apologists like C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton used very effectively. We want to help people connect the dots between the gospel and different aspects of life.

Summer School 2016 is a packed week with something for everybody. But our prayer is that all who attend will encounter the living God during the week. So, take time out to pray, reflect, listen and wait for God to speak. Take time, too, to relax, talk, make friends and learn from one another. Summer School is not simply a week of learning, it’s also designed to be a week of growing.

We’d love to have you join us at Summer School next year. Reserve your place today!

2016 Summer School Schedule

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